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4 Jun 2010

Copper Canyon, Mexico, 1998

Posted by Chris

Can you think back to a time in your life when just about everything changed? For me, it is easy: it was my spring break trip to Mexico in 1998. Together with Dave, Joel, and Anna, we made our way across Texas, into Mexico, eventually descending to the Rio Uribe in the bottom of Copper Canyon and returned intact to Austin in the space of a week. We did it all with forged paperwork, a tent entirely too small for four people, and an astonishing amount of pure luck. It was my first real pseudo-planned adventure, coming just a few months after the death of my mom.

Joel, now a professor at CalTech, was in town recently, and dropped off the pictures from this fabled trip in exchange for kayaking lessons. A great deal! There are hundreds in total, but here are my top 20 or so.

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5 Responses to “Copper Canyon, Mexico, 1998”

  1. Oh my word everybody’s so young. And what’s with that mop of hair Dave had, anyway?

    My sister and I are headed to Big Bend in August, any recommendations?


    Kevin Miller

  2. What’s not cool to see at Big Bend? For me, what left the largest impressions weren’t so much one or two specific things, but rather the incredible diversity as you moved from microclimate to microclimate: mountains, desert, river.

    In the mountains, definitely check out the High Chisos. I loved the South Rim loop, but that’s an ass-kicking hike. I think there are some shorter hikes in the high Chisos as well that you should check out. At the river, check out the Hot Springs, Santa Elena Canyon, and maybe Boquillas Canyon as well. (Too bad you can’t cross into Mexico anymore…that was an awesome experience).

    For the desert, there are many options. Whatever you do, TAKE A LOT OF WATER. SERIOUSLY. One easier semi desert hike I would recommend is Grapevine Hills. It’s only a couple miles, but wow, the geology. If your sister hates tarantulas, that might not be a good hike, though.



  3. I heard all the stories yet I never saw any of these photos. This is awesome. Thank you for sharing.



  4. I enjoy your wordpress theme, where did you get a hold of it?



  5. It’s the Ocean Mist 2.0 theme, available from Designed by Ed Merritt



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